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At Dent Implant Lab we are a team of experienced and passionate dental technicians. 

We are proudly producing hybrid and metal free prosthetics on implants using our own scanners and milling machines, but also official milling centres of some implant producers, to guarantee original prosthetic components from the manufacturer.

We are experts in All on 4 / All on 6

Since 2008, we have been among the first users of the AO4 system, the so-called Sky Fast&Fixed from Bredent, which we still use today for the full mouth rehabilitation.

In the meantime, most of the major implant manufacturers, such as Straumann and Nobel, have released their own variants to the market, demonstrating that the system is effective and durable from all angles.

With the development of the cad-cam systems, the transition to digital enabled not only much more aesthetic and bio compatible works, but also improved precision and reduced execution time.

There is now a variety of materials available to satisfy the most demanding patients. 

Therefore we can perform the immediate loading of the provisional AO4 or AO6 in the same session as the implant placements, if a surgical guide is used or on the same day, if one is not used. We can then offer various options for final prosthetics, such as porcelain fused to metal, full multilayered zirconia, Thimble Bar, titanium or Cr-Co Bar and overdentures on riders or locators, and the Toronto Bridge

Our Address

Unit A2E, Smallmead House,

Horley, Surrey, RH6 9LW

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  9AM – 7PM

Saturday    9AM – 2PM


Dental Digital Solutions

With over 30 years of dental technology and over 15 years of digital dentistry experience, we are qualified and prepared to share our knowledge with you to enable you finding the best solution, whether you are a dental clinic, laboratory, dentist or dental technician.

If you intend to make the switch to digital or have already done so, we can provide you with a pertinent opinion. Each step involves detailed knowledge of the various options on the market in order to make the best decision for your specific situation.



If you are not in any of the above situations and do not wish to purchase anything from us, but require our laboratory services, you have come to the right place.

Collaboration with our experienced technicians will save you headaches and remakes, allowing you to enjoy the smiles of happy patients. We perform the full range of tasks, including difficult implant cases, and specialise in immediate loaded provisional all on 4 followed by a variety of final variants.


We are a group of technicians who stay up to date on industry news. In order to provide the best aesthetic, functional and technical solution for the patient, the laboratory utilises cutting-edge devices, software, and materials.

Our mission is to restore the health and smiles of our dentists, and of course their patients, at the best possible price/quality ratio. 


Register here and one of our team will contact you.


Are you a dentist who has yet to reap the benefits of an intraoral scanner?

Register here and we'll send you an irresistible offer. As a result, you will be able to send the STL online, significantly shortening the time required to complete the treatment plan.

For your benefit and patients' comfort, you will forget about alginates and silicones.


Are you a dental technician who has yet to scan impressions or classic models? Don't worry, depending on the type and volume of your work, we will send you the best quality/price offer for a desktop dental scanner. Then you will be able to upload the STL with the desired design for milling. Please enquiry here.


Do you work as a designer and want to supplement your income? Nothing is simpler as we can begin working together at any time, either with a 1 to 1 Exocad or 3shape course, if you are a beginner or directly with design cases if you are advanced. Please submit your interest and CV here.


Do you have a large enough volume of jobs to mill them in-house? We guarantee that our offer for dry and wet milling machines, as well as sintering ovens, is the best on the market. Please submit your enquiry here.


You have a milling machine in your dental lab, but you're not using the most recent multi-layered zirconia discs with gradual strength? It's time to place your order here.


 Are you a clinic with a sufficient number of patients and you don't have yet an in-house laboratory?  Send your request here and we will set it up together.

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